Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring break - Continued!

the hotel with Brianna and her aunt, I spent in line. Some of the autograph lines were terribly boring, but I liked Charlie's. I must have been sitting there for an hour. "Luigi" and I talked a lot because we were next to each other in line. After a few minutes, he let go of the fake accent and talked to me normally. He signed my admission badge on one side, and Charlie Bewley signed the other side. To this day, I regret that I never found out his real name. I want to add him on Facebook! Besides Brianna, he was probably the coolest person I met there.
He should have totally entered the costume contest. XD B&I did that too. We didn't win anything, but people complimented both of us on our efforts. :)

After the autograph lines, we didn't have much time to get ready for the dance. We were *rushing.* I realized I had left my jewelry at the other hotel, and I knew Mike & his mom couldn't get it to me in time, so I had to go to the gift shop and VERY QUICKLY find replacement jewelry. The necklace I found wasn't that interesting, but I loved the earrings! Rainbow and sparkly!

At the dance, Brianna entered the centerpiece contest. She didn't place, but I think she should have. The Hillywood girls liked hers the best, I think (OMG! How could I forget? More about them later!). I wanted to enter, but I had ended up blowing so much money on clothes and photo tickets, I didn't have enough to buy art supplies! We danced some, but wanted to stick around the tables for when the guests came to talk to us. Every guest had a few minutes to let us ask them questions and stuff. I asked Jodelle if she was a fan of the books before she auditioned for the movie, and she said she was. :) I looked at Charlie more than I talked to him. XD And I'm pretty sure when Gil was there, I was still bouncing.

I didn't want to leave, because I knew the next day was Sunday and I'd have to go back to my normal, dull life. We got back to the hotel room at about 2 AM and I crashed pretty fast. The next day was really quiet and uneventful compared to Saturday. Brianna and I volunteered to hold stuff up at the auction, and we got 2 free shirts each for doing that! It was easier being on stage that time because I was wearing comfortable shoes. :)

Mike and his mom both got general admission tickets for Sunday, and I got Mike one of Gil's autograph tickets because he said he wanted one. Apparently he was joking, and didn't tell me till AFTER I spent the $20 for the ticket. When his turn came to sign, his mom went up there for him, and say that her 21 year old son wanted an autograph. XD I still laugh hysterically when I remember how awkward that was. Charlie also came back, and we had one Sunday-only speaker, Guri Weinberg. He was SO friendly, making conversation with everyone. Fame probably hasn't hit him yet. :P

After the last autographs, the convention basically shut down. I ran into the Hillywood girls (Hannah & Hillary) on their way out...they look completely different when they're not dressed up! I told them I had fun and wished them a safe trip home. I'm pretty sure I talked to their mom more than I talked to them over the weekend. Their booth was much less busy in Minneapolis. Back then, they played games with the rest of us. Not this time. It was more fun when the guys came along. Too bad funds were too low to fly them out this year!
(By the way, look up the Hillywood Show on Youtube if you don't know them. Their parodies are SO GOOD.)

I had to say goodbye to Brianna soon after. I don't remember how many times I glomped her. It was a lot though. I have "separation issues." I really do. XD We promised to Skype. :) Which we haven't yet, but we still talk on IM almost every day. Towards the end of Sunday's events, I also talked to a woman named Kristi, who I'd talked to a few times on the Facebook group, but never knew what to say when I was actually there in person. We both had to deal with long trips, though she was lucky and got to spend hers in a car. We're Facebook friends now too. :)

There are some people I talk to regularly, some I only hear from once in awhile, and some I've lost contact with. EVERYBODY I met was great, though. I don't think I met one rude person at either convention. It must just be a fandom thing...if you have something in common, there's no need to judge one another. I've met people who are old enough to be one of my parents, and people who are still in high school. Age doesn't matter. Location doesn't matter. Just that common bond is enough to keep at least an online friendship going.
Going to these events has given me more faith in humanity. I really believe there's good people everywhere. I didn't use to think that. I used to be very bitter and untrusting, and I still am to some extent, but I've learned to give people a chance instead of writing them off right away.

Brianna, Sam, Kristi, Lisa, "Luigi," Candace, Mariah, Emily, Michelle, (+ ALL the other people who were so friendly but never gave me names & Facebooks) and Lori who I haven't met yet but probably will soon (Chicago? Yes?), this goes out to you. Thank you for making my world a little brighter. :)

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