Wednesday, December 14, 2011

awkwardness & pancakes.

I was sad last night. It was the last night that I'll see lots of people for almost a month.
Earlier in the day, Tyler said he'd come with me to the BCM for pancake night. That was really unexpected & cool of him. I know he feels kinda awkward around unfamiliar people.
Then someone else invited him to go to another place, not caring that plans were already made. I got even sadder. There is nothing I hate more than when people bail on me...thankfully, pancakes seemed to be the better option. ^_^
After I found out Fail #5 and The Girl were there, I almost didn't go. I didn't want to risk any awkward encounters. I wouldn't have gone at all if I had to walk in there alone. Once I got there, they were sitting at the opposite corner, so I think I avoided them pretty well. (TS - thank you for joining me on the other side of the room, even though you saw someone else you knew sitting by them.)
At first, it was just T&I bouncing from the sugar. (He was lucky to avoid the usual swarm of people that surround new visitors!) Then a friend of Alaina's brought her pet sugar glider. It was so adorable! (I think "D'aww, you have to see it!" were my exact words.)
And then, one of my most shy, awkward friends came out of his shell. It was great.
After the awkward-encounter-people left, I was able to make the group grow a little more. Tiffany and Larry are some of my favorite BCM people, but I don't get to see them as much as I'd like, because I don't want to drag them into the FailDrama. I'm glad Tyler got along with them so well. We drew pictures on the (disposable) tablecloth and painted things with glow in the dark puffy paint. Ya know, all those things that are so much more fun than studying.
Of course I got my tackle when I left, and to my surprise, he tackled back. It was the best d'aww moment I've had in a long time.
When I got home, I was a little sad again, but more than anything, I was happy that things were back to normal. Or better than normal!
I think we'll make it.

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