Thursday, December 15, 2011

Loss is crushing, but we'll get through it.

Tyler made up his mind to go back to Nashville for a semester.
I hate that he had to see me cry. Not for my own sake, but because it made him unhappy.
The shock hurts so bad, because we were doing so well...
But I'm a stubborn girl. I won't let this friendship end. 8 months are gonna be really hard, but we'll figure it out. I made him promise to visit. And we can text. Maybe he'll even get a Facebook page. And I'm gonna work my butt off to get a job so I can travel more.
I don't care if it makes the school workload harder.
I don't care if I have to deal with more panic attacks and greyhound rides.
I'm not losing another friend.
I. Will. Not.

To everyone who is actually coming back next semester:
Don't make me talk about it.
Be my distractions. Keep me busy and happy and entertained. Or try.
Don't tell me I'll be okay or that I'll make new friends. I know I will, even if I don't want to.
Nothing any of you could ever say will make it hurt less.
Just be there. That's all I need.

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  1. I have four A's so far. Not too bad for an old lady. If you need anything. Let me know. The cats have figured out how to turn off the laptop. Bandit stole my pizza. I'm dizzy for no reason. Saw a nice poster of Edward at Walmart. He actually looked like he took a shower. I can't think of anything else random, so I'll shut up now. Love ya.