Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy 7 months, Callie & Moo!

I don't think I've ever made a cat post. I should have. I am the Cat Mom, after all.
My two furbabies turned 7 months old this week!
Nothing makes time fly by as much as watching kittens grow up.
I lost Fat Man and Lola when they were 7 months old. Hopefully Callie and Moo will stay with me much longer!
I saw them for the first time when they were not even 8 weeks old. They were probably too young to be separated from their mother, but the three other littermates had already been killed by wandering out into busy traffic. Their first catmommy wanted them to have a better chance at life...So she and her daughter drove down from somewhere near Bowling Green to give them to me.
[Story about Callie: Shortly before I got her, she had been attacked by a stray tomcat. Her eye was infected and she walked with a limp. The owner e-mailed me to say that I might not want her because she was "the sick one," but that just made me want her more. With some tips from other cat ladies, her eye and leg healed quickly, and now she's completely caught up in size to her sister. She might even be bigger!]
I knew their personalities the minute their first owners knocked on my hotel door. (I wasn't even in an apartment yet.) Callie was sleeping in the older woman's arms, and the girl about  my age was holding a squirming, squealing Moo. That day, I went to Petco and bought their kitten collars. (which they've already outgrown!) Callie's was white with a rhinestone heart and a bell, and Moo's was black with skulls on it. Fits them perfectly, right?
I will never try to deny it. I spoil my kitties. Some days they eat better than I do.
I've had people tease me all my life for being a cat person, but I'm not ashamed of it!
I am an only child, which also means I will never have any nieces or nephews unless I marry someone with siblings. I'm completely unfamiliar with babies, and I don't have any young cousins either.
Therefore, I have cats, because I have a longing for something to love and take care of.
I'm not going to be irresponsible and have a baby with some random guy just so another being can love me, when there are unwanted animals for adoption that don't require a two-parent home, stable income, and loads of spare time. That phase of my life will hopefully come someday, but for now, I am a proud cat lady, with two adorable "children!" Observe:

^^ Callie on her first day with me. [6/30/11]
^^ Moo on the day I moved into my apartment. [7/1/11]
Callie and Moo sleeping together (they still do this every night!) [8/24/11]
^^ Callie and Moo's 6 month picture! (11/6/11)

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