Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All writing is meaningful.

Title of blog = Advice my first local reader gave me. He tells me not to censor myself, and to write what I really think. So...I will. Partially because my journal is now floating somewhere around Tech campus, and I don't have a private place to write anymore!
This weekend...aw heck, all semester, I've had problems with internet guys. This is today's topic.
The last one ended less explosively than most, but maybe this is because we had only known each other less than a week. He (Let's call him B. Not B as in Ben, the text/church/awesome friend I've written about, this guy is just B.) got my hopes up ALL week that he was going to come see me...I dug through all my pants pockets, purses, couch cushions, etc, to find enough money to pay his gas. He got here...and turned right back around and left. Because his mother told him to. Whatever happens to living life for yourself once you turn 18? Lesson learned. I will no longer show interest or involvement in any guy still living under his parents rule...or in a different town. Paying gas money? Ha. Like I have any to spare. By the way, I took the money that was supposed to be spent on his gas, and bought myself some awesome food at Cream City -- Cookeville's best coffee/ice cream shop.
I suppose, since coming here, I've learned more about what I DON'T want in a guy than what I do.
After the fail that is "A," I realized seeing the potential guy at least once a week has to happen in order for any kind of relationship to work out. You need to make time for each other. I really liked him, but I was way at the bottom of his list of priorities. Probably somewhere between alcohol and video games.
C-Fail taught me that it's best if a guy meets your friends. If they don't like him, they're probably looking out for your best interests. Also, me seeing a guy with road rage? Not happening. I don't need another trigger for my anxiety attacks anytime soon.
M - biggest fail of them all. You learn a lot about a person in the first three days that you hang out. If he tries to "go around all the bases" in that time frame, and advertises for another girl the day of a breakup, he's probably just an all around creeper, good looking and friendly as he may seem.
All 4 of these miserable experiences came from meeting people on one social networking site. MyYearbook. Girls, guys, HUMANS in general. Please avoid meeting dates on MyYearbook.
There are enough sad stories on the internet. Don't add to it.

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