Thursday, October 20, 2011

The college stereotype...and disproving it.

Movies & TV shows have created a false image of the 4/5 years following graduation.
I have to admit, I believed it too, before I got here.
In the last 3 years, my assumptions have been proven very wrong.
Most of my readers are college students themselves, but their experiences have probably been different. This is what I've found out so far. Some facts are cynical, some are slightly more optimistic. I think...:

- It IS true, that greek life is a playground for the rich, but the frat guy/sorority princess type only fits about half the time. There are frat guys who are huge sleazebags (No, I'm NOT sending naked pictures to someone I hardly know!), but there have been some that are genuine, friendly people. Same goes for girls. They're not all size 0, spray-tanned blondes. As long as you have the cash, almost anyone can get in.
- The Freshman 15 can stand for LOSING 15 pounds. At UC (freshman year), I lost weight. That campus was like a fat camp. Hills everywhere, and expensive food in the cafeteria. Not everyone can afford daily take-out...or a meal plan...or a microwave.
-Wild boozy parties in dorm halls? Not happening. Most campuses around here are dry. I've seen my share of parties, but they've all been at houses where RAs will never find out...
- Sometimes, parents don't want their children to come home. Then they are stuck in town on weekends like fall break, where Everyone. Else. Leaves. Dead campus = Super creepy. And unbearably lonely. Unless a party happens.
- Church events can be a valid way to meet people. You don't have to rebel ALL the time. Sometimes, it's actually nice to hang out where everyone is sober.
- Guys and girls can still be best friends. Without "benefits." Just because we're in our 20s, doesn't mean a purely platonic relationship is out of reach.
- There is more to life than study, study, study. And there isn't a party every night, either. There is lots of free time in which to be bored.

In these boredom-times, another blog post is born. :D

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