Monday, October 3, 2011

Thought Questions #1

Due to a serious case of writer's block, I've decided to let another website decide what I'm going to write about. has questions sent to their site daily that can't be answered with a yes or a no. Until I have a creative topic, I will use them for motivation.

Today's question is: "How would you describe happiness in your own words?"

To me, happiness wasn't blowing a big check at the mall. (Yes, it was fun wearing all the new clothes afterwards, but I only impulse-shopped when I was desperately lonely.) It's not drinking until the sadness goes away, though I've done that too. I have moments in my life when I feel like I'm truly, honestly happy. Those that know me have seen that I'm quite a pessimistic individual, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy life. I love life, especially when my expectations are proven wrong.

Happiness is...
getting lost in a church song & when it's over, realizing you haven't noticed anything else happening outside of the music.

looking down at the top of the hill on your bike and letting go of the brakes, then feeling the wind on you as you fly.

panting for breath after swimming laps, but ducking under the water again because even though you're tired, the endorphins make you feel high on life.

nailing a spike/bump in volleyball, even if the game is just for fun, and everyone high-fives you and smiles.

knowing a glazed donut will make you twitch like a caffinated squirrel later, but eating it anyway because it just tastes so good.

studying for hours for a class, and getting the test back with an A, reminding you that cramming has a purpose.

running into somebody you didn't expect to see.

hearing a song that describes your feelings in words you never would have thought of.

someone telling you that you look pretty, even when you don't feel pretty.

having a closet full of clean laundry.

an aquaintance buying your dinner, no strings attached, because they also know what it's like to go without food and they want to pay it forward.

doing (and receiving) random acts of kindness.

a late-night text that says "happy dreams :)"

an unexpected phone call with good news (this will possibly be my next post!)

friends who don't leave you, even though they could find better.

pets who love you unconditionally, even when you can only feed them butter and mayonnaise at the end of the month.

struggling for years to just survive, and being able to relax because money/friends/entertainment/love/support is popping up in places you'd never, ever expect.

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