Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Random Acts of Kindness

This week has been kind of an off week for me.
But that doesn't mean nothing good was in it.
A few people I know have done some very nice things for me.
Today's post is for them.

First: Last night, I ran into a bit of trouble. I had money in my bank account, but still couldn't get cat litter and a phone card because I didn't have a ride to Walmart. I asked as many people as I could think of, but everyone was busy. (Yes, I could have ridden my bike, but how do you take a 15 pound bag of litter on a bike??)
In one last moment of desperation, I went into the library. I ran into some acquaintances, and I casually mentioned I had been on campus all day. When one of them asked why, I said because I was waiting for someone to take me to Walmart. (So I didn't have to pay the unneccessary $4 for a cab.)
A girl I hardly knew offered to drive me, and expected nothing in return. On the ride there and back, we talked, and I think we're going to end up being friends. THANK YOU, Megan! I have my phone, and my cats are happy because of you.

Megan drove me back to the school, because she had a meeting to go to. I was planning on bringing the shopping bags home by myself, but they were awkward to carry. Surprisingly enough, I ran into Kyle on the street corner. He could have spent more time hanging out with his friends having fun, but he helped me carry the bags almost a mile home. Thank you, Kyle. :)

After I put the groceries away, I was able to sit and rest for a couple hours before a sorority meeting. (Which I can't pay for, so I will probably have to quit eventually, but it's no big loss. The girls don't really seem to like me much.) That 2 hours wasn't enough for my feet to stop hurting, though. :( My bike was still at school, so I had to walk. I got about half way there, when another one of my friends offered to take me the rest of the way. I was so happy. It was only a few blocks, but I appreciated the thought. I almost fell asleep in his car. Thank you, Ben, for being awesome. ;) And for STILL letting me use your laptop.

This morning, I was talking to Brianna at breakfast, and we started planning fall break. This wasn't a random act of kindness, specifically, but I was still grateful that she decided to include me in her plans. As most of you know, I have nowhere to go on fall break, and almost all my other friends are leaving. So, thank you, Brianna, for thinking of me and making sure I have fun on fall break, just like everyone else!

Last thing. At 11 AM every Thursday, I go to eat lunch at the BCM house. I was sitting with the usual people, when Cana texted me and said she had something to give me. I just assumed I had left something in her car during Fall Focus weekend. I already had my crossword puzzle book and weekend what could I have been missing? Turns out, while I was having a miserable time at FF, thinking everyone there had forgotten I exist, she had gotten 7 people to sign a card for me! There I was, in my pity corner because I felt lonely, and all those people were thinking of me.

The company on the back of the card quoted, "Encouragement is a powerful thing."
I completely agree.

The smallest acts can save lives, or at the least, a day's sanity.

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  1. A.R.K something to live by. :)
    Our Fall break is going to super special awesome.