Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer-like weekend.

...And I'm not even talking about the weather.
At least 4 out of 5 people I know went home for the weekend.
Cookeville was looking to be a sad, dead place, much like it was before school started...back then, I didn't mind the quiet because I hardly knew anyone, so it just seemed natural that I was by myself a lot. But now? I'm busy ALL THE TIME, and to try to picture three solid days with nothing to do? It was a painful thought.
So, I went to Brianna's house in Sparta.
The ride (or multiple rides) just about killed me. I forgot how terrifying it was to look out at highway with nothing on either side of me, as far as I could see. Yuck. Even my trusty sedatives didn't help.

But the rest of the weekend was fun. We had lots of girl time, which I desperately needed. I had basically forgotten what it was like to hang out with girls. I so rarely see any outside of church events. Girls just don't seem interested in hanging out with me, unless it's forced.
It's just so mixed messages, no awkwardness, no trying to impress them, no psycho exes, no one-sided crushes that eventually result in tragedy and weeks/months of misery that even a kitten can't cure...
We watched a lot of movies, made hemp bracelets (I already lost mine), took pictures of kitties, and ate food. Yay, food!
(Her parents bought me raspberries at Sams Club on Friday. It's been months since I've been able to afford raspberries.)

The craziest part of the weekend was definitely the street fair. And I thought Cookeville's fair was full of rednecks. I had never seen so many overalls and creepy old men in one place. I wonder what makes rednecks wear overalls, anyway? Especially over a stained wife-beater. XD
Laurie (Brianna's mom) said I was looking at everything like I was culture-shocked. I suppose, it's quite a bit to take in. I thought a funnel cake could cure my weird feeling, but even the funnel cake It was hard and tiny, with more sugar than cake. It was quite disappointing.

When I got home, I had another "want to call mom" moment. I realized Brianna was the first friend I made that she never got to meet, or even hear about. My mom would have been so happy to hear that I met a girl that actually wants me to hang out at her house. XD

I'm supposed to be going back next week for fall break. I need to figure out an alternate sedative (Valerian worked well, but we'll see if it stays that way). Not all fall break will be spent in Sparta, however. Daniel (new friend) and I are supposed to find ourselves an adventure. :)

by the way...platypus. :) (B&J, that's for you.)

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