Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This is really super weird, and I feel awkward even talking about it, but maybe someone can help me figure out if I've gone completely crazy.
My mom has been gone for a year and three months, and sometimes I see her in my dreams.
Most of my realistic dreams are reflecting on past events, like seeing people that I miss and doing the same, routine things we've always done. And in those dreams, I'm confused, because I know the people aren't supposed to be there.
In the mom-dreams, I'm not freaked out at all.
I'm always at a happy place, like a well-lit road or a lake shore.
I see her, and it's completely normal. I'm just like, "Oh hey, what's up? I haven't seen you in awhile."
And I talk to her. I tell her about what's going on in my life, like I would to any other long-distance family member. Sometimes she's accompanied by her cat that got hit on the road 2 years ago.
Sometimes she gives me advice. It's good advice that makes sense.
When I wake up, I'm super confused, but when I'm dreaming, I'm not confused at all.
I think I might be losing my mind.

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