Thursday, February 23, 2012

weather = magic

There's something about cold that makes a person feel alone. When your face is red and your fingers are numb, it's so easy to feel like the world is against you. Or when it's's like the sky is crying, and you just feel pitiful.
Today felt like summer. Summer is the best season...
(Except for those days when I overheat and get sick. But that's Tennessee summer, not summer in general.)
Even though the wind was blowing, the entire world just seemed brighter. People actually spent time outside, rather than just speeding home after their last class ended. After Soul Food, Mike and I went walking with a new guy we met (I keep forgetting his name!). I hated being in lab. I kept seeing the sun out my window and I wanted so badly to skip. After that, Alex, Ben, Mike, and a few other people spent the afternoon playing volleyball outside the BCM. I only quit because I needed to call Kale and find out where he is. (By the way, last I heard, he was in Omaha.)
Even though today has been fun, it's passed by slowly enough for me to enjoy it. International Night is in a bit less than two hours, and that's one of the best events of the week. Cici's is on the dinner menu tonight. Free, of course! I hope my new friend comes.
In a way, I feel bad enjoying myself. But I might as well, because I hear another cold front is blowing in. I really hope that isn't symbolism.

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