Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fire + sugar = Friday night adventure!

Yesterday, I was anticipating dying of boredom. I hate Fridays. Everyone goes home and leaves me stuck in Cookeville by myself. Alex went to his dad's in Knoxville. I was planning on going with him, but I was hesitant to leave town with someone I barely knew behind the wheel.
So, I went shopping instead. And no, I didn't waste (much of) my money. The most expensive purchase was clay supplies at Hobby Lobby. I really hope I can sell some charms/jewelry, because if I can't, I know it'll be another month of begging... >_< Brianna is making up to $30 a sale on her charms. I hope mine turn out as good as hers.
The clay profits will ideally pay for: shoes for winter formal, food for when Kale comes to visit, and eventually a new phone (next month?) and camera (probably never...) Today I was walking in the rain after someone stole my bike, and the water ruined my camera screen. So much for selling online, if I can't take pictures of what I make...
Anyway, away from the money topic...yesterday was fun. Normally, I spend my Fridays in the UC, pitying myself because my two weekend-friends aren't here. Instead, I went to a bonfire. I had no reason to say no...I had a ride, and Mike was going with me so I wouldn't have to be alone.
No one can be sad when they're stuffing themselves with marshmallows. I had at least 4, and managed to not light any of them on fire. It was fun watching the international students roast marshmallows for the first time - they must not have food like that in India/South America/Russia/etc...
I wish Alex could have showed up. At least Mike, Ben, and Tiffany were there. If it wasn't for them, I would have been standing around awkwardly for the whole time, stuffing my face and freezing. Mike's jacket was so warm and awesome. XD
Tyler texted me a lot while I was there. He was sad that he couldn't come to hang out. He feels like he's missing out on everything and everyone here, which is sad for him, but happy for me, because I know I am missed and he's excited to come back.
If anyone else invites me out on weekends, I'm not going to turn them down. Getting out gave me the exact kind of distraction I was looking for.

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  1. Marshmallow's sound good. I heard about the bonfire too late. Did you get a chance to go to Tech nite? Friday I had some BBQ and went home.. studied the menu for House of Thai.

    Yup yup