Sunday, February 12, 2012

Passing time.

I got up at 8 o'clock this morning and went to church.
I figured I haven't gone in a few weeks. What could it hurt, right? I'm glad I went.
It was odd being there while Sam was in Nashville, because I don't know any other UCSC people other than Ben's sister and my new biology partner (who wasn't there.) Sam's friend and his girlfriend came to get me at 8:45...I wish I could have slept in another hour or two! Anyway...
Two weeks ago, I signed up to do charity work at the Rescue Mission, which is a homeless shelter on the other end of town. I didn't hear anything back from whoever runs it, so I decided to do something else. After Sunday school, I talked to the youth pastor and asked if I could volunteer at the food pantry on Wednesday afternoons. He said YES, very happily!
Why this sudden burst of motivation, you ask?
Last semester, I spent most days out of the week chasing after a guy and trying to make people (mostly, the guy's friends) like me. That took up an insane amount of my time. A majority of my day is still spent texting, but I have so much more time to think about other things. I was spending way too many hours wallowing in self-pity. (Aww, I'm still guilty of that. Especially on weekends.)
I figured volunteer work is a good way to focus my attention on something other than myself. I might as well help someone else who's down on their luck. Maybe it'll make me a better person. I'm in a long period of waiting right now. Besides that, I want to start working out at the gym, now that I found  my tech ID. Maybe I'll meet other void-fillers. I bet Alex is getting overwhelmed...

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