Friday, January 13, 2012


This time, I think I have more to write about. Today, I just finished my second day of the spring semester.
Just like last time, I'm going to have to survive studying without books or an at-home internet connection.
It's only the 13th, and I'm already out of money.
Tuition is due next Wednesday, and apparently I'm not supposed to call my aunt because she's too stressed out.
Due to my phone messing up, I had to pay $50 to reactivate that, rather than paying my electric bill on time.
Money sucks. But that's really no surprise. That's not what I'm concentrating this post on anyway.
(I do have more than enough food, so no worries there.)
I really like my classes so far. I haven't had Biology yet (but will on Tuesday.)
Criminology is gonna be really hard, but it's interesting, so I'm motivated to take notes. It's classes like that, that make me wish Sociology was a more feasible major. I don't know anyone there, but there are a few friendly people that sit in the back row.
Intro to Broadcast Journalism is awesome. I don't know anyone there either, but I can tell I'm gonna like the teacher. She's probably old enough to be my grandmother, or at least a great-aunt, but she knows what she's talking about when it comes to video stuff. I like that she doesn't seem to pick favorites. There are a lot of rich sorority girls in that class...It'd really suck if she gave them better grades because they could afford to shoot with expensive equipment. Thankfully, I do believe she's better than that.
History is SO DULL, but Alex is there and we keep each other entertained.
Alex is so cool. He was Brianna's friend first...but since she's not here, we've been hanging out together a lot. One awesome thing: Even if something bad happens and he can't come to school, I won't lose him as a friend because he lives in Cookeville. Unless his entire family moves, he's not going anywhere. I just hope he won't get sick of me. :)
I am still incredibly bitter about Tyler not being here. (and I miss Brianna too, but I know she's closer.) Yesterday was really, really bad, but today is more of a dull ache rather than a knife wound. I'm trying to be patient, but it's hard. There are all kinds of pills to make a headache or a cramp go away...why are there not pills that make emotional pain go away? I suppose that's what booze is for? But it's sooo expensive and not good for me...
Maybe I'd feel better if the sun would come out. (or that the clouds would go away, since it's dark now.) The other locals say the snow is so pretty, but I think it's hideous. I hate snow. It's cold, slippery, and makes walking home much more difficult! I'm about to do that...3 Kroger bags in hand...wishing the night bus existed  to rescue me from 6 blocks of turning into a human popsicle!


  1. Hey have you thought about getting in touch with some government programs that could help you pay for your rent, electric, books, etc. So that you wouldn't be so stressed out all the time. I'm not exactly sure how to get involved with them, but someone around there might be able to help.

  2. That'd be great, if there were services who helped people who aren't legal Tennessee residents. :\ But any government help wouldn't be on campus anyway. I'd need to get over to an office somehow. It's nearly impossible to get rides, and it's too far to walk. Help is hard to find for the carless.

  3. I would ask someone you know that lives there to see if they could help you figure out what to do. See if they could give you a ride. I'm sure someone would give you a ride to help you.