Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm ashamed of my generation.
^ The above link will lead you to one of the most offensive things I've read in a long time.
For those of you who would rather not waste your lives to read such ignorant trash, a 21 year old girl describes how she would change the welfare system.
Change 1: No longer allow anything but rice, beans, cheese, and milk to be bought with food stamps.
Change 2: Any women who are in "the system" should have their tubes tied or be forced birth control. Especially if they have so much as a trace of alcohol in their system at the time of a random drug test. (This girl obviously doesn't understand the meaning of moderation?)
Change 3: Public housing would turn into military barracks, and anything but the bare essentials would be repossessed by the government.

There is no way this girl has ever lived through the slightest bit of a financial struggle. I hate to wish badly on people, but I hope someday she  finds her "happily ever after," and then her husband leaves her to support herself and her children on her own. I hope her parents refuse to help. Let's see how easy it is to just "suck it up and get a job."
Many Americans living in poverty already have a job, but it's not enough. The economy sucks, and it's nearly impossible to support yourself on minimum wage. Obviously, there are people who could work and choose not to, but there are just as many, if not more, who would jump at the chance to work, but things like a criminal record, lack of transportation, or lack of experience are preventing them from doing so.

Now, I have a personal confession to make. I have been on food stamps. First, when I moved out of my mom's house. I didn't accept the EBT card so I could blow it all on candy and pop. When my parents divorced, my mom couldn't afford to support me. She had troubles feeding herself, let alone feeding me. The extra $80 a month made it possible for me to live independently after spending the past 5 months nearly homeless.
Second, when I lived in Moorhead. I was going to school full time, but I looked for work. My record forced every business I interviewed at to throw out my application. My mom had just passed away, and money from sympathy cards only lasted so long. Plus, city life is expensive. I only got $50 a month there, but that's an extra week's worth of food for my ex and I.
I have other friends who are still on food stamps. They don't get enough to spend extravagantly. Those who spend it all on junk are going to regret it at the end of the month when their real food runs out. If you're in "the system," you have to learn how to spend money wisely. It has to stretch, which means the average diet will consist of pasta and other grain products...very little meat or fresh produce. "Nutrition" only comes in boxes and cans.

Secondly, public housing isn't bad enough? The writer acts like low-income apartments are expensively decorated with freshly painted walls and granite countertops. No. I have yet to see any apartments that accept welfare recipients in good shape. The best of them could only be called average. Most of the buildings I've lived in or visited have nasty smells, stains, or even holes in the walls. They're in sketchy parts of town where you hear more sirens than any other noise.
My landlord in Kentucky specialized in renting to people who couldn't afford anything better. When the knob on my bathtub broke, he gave me a pair of pliers to turn the hot water on, rather than fixing it. When the handle on my toilet broke off, he told me to fix it on my own. You get what you pay for. Once again, people who abuse the system exist, but if an apartment isn't pristine, it's probably because the renters can't afford cleaning supplies...or laundry money to wash the piled up clothes.

If this girl got her way, people who are down on their luck would be even more ostracized from society. What's next? Any quality clothes (even if they were bought at thrift stores) would be taken away, and replaced with bright orange shirts marked "poor?" Because they don't deserve the same things as normal people... It's already hard enough to struggle to provide basic necessities...I've seen some nasty things...and with people like this sadly sheltered girl in the world, it will never get any easier.

This link almost made me cry. She needs to walk a mile in someone else's shoes...

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