Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh, the colors! (random update)

In the past few days, I've seen some amazing sunsets. They really have no significance in my life, other than to tell me that there can still be beauty in the darkest times. When I look up at the sky and it's brilliant shades of purple and pink, something tells me there's still a reason to wake up in the morning.
...Yeah, there's really no point to this post except to keep my views up and to let everyone know how I've been wasting my life in the last week.
I'm still broke and pathetic. (Nothing makes you feel crappier than seeing a $4 purse at Goodwill and knowing you can't buy it...) I am counting down the hours until my money comes next Friday. I'm not going to go on a crazy shopping spree and screw myself over like I usually do. I WILL buy that purse, but besides that, I'm only gonna get some food for the cats & myself, and the cheapest art supplies I can find to make pretty things out of clay.
My FINALLY updated, not-expired ID will come to me in the mail some time in the next couple of days. That means on weekends, when everyone goes home, and I get lonely, I can go sit in the bar by myself. Probably not the best way to spend my time, but what other options do I have? At least there are people there.
Speaking of random people, I've met a wonderful void-filler. His name is Mike. He does all the things Tyler used to do with me. We hang out in the UC together, go to BCM events, and he comes to English hour with me -- basically, all the things that Alex can't do. Sometimes we hang out as a group of 3. Tyler texted me on Thursday night, asking if Mike was going to replace him. I couldn't say no enough times. One person can fill the hole another person has left behind, but nobody can be replaced fully. When he comes back, he will have his spot back in his group and in my life, but the social circle will grow. I don't know if those two would get along. August will explain all, I suppose.
I'm feeling more hopeful than I have at all in the last month, though sometimes I still don't understand why my luck is so. bad.
So, there you have it. Sometimes I get stranded in the freezing rain, waiting for a ride that doesn't come, and sometimes the ride does come and I get to take pretty pictures in parking lots.
Life makes no sense.

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  1. Hey...
    Not sure if this cool to say, but that Hooligan's half/irish pub opened up tonight. May want to try it... I shall, but I don't believe it will be any different than a regular bar.