Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the other side of my double life

As everyone already knows...I got back to Cookeville on Monday afternoon. The bus ride was uneventful. Nothing much to report there. When I wasn't reading or texting, I was sleeping. I purposely pulled an all-nighter on Saturday night before I left, so I'd sleep for most of the ride. My sleeping schedule is still messed up, but at least I was too tired to be anxious?
Callie and Moo were SO HAPPY to see me when I got home. If I'm in my apartment, they're rubbing up on my legs and following me everywhere I go. Last night, they both slept on the couch with me. (I can't sleep in my room until I can clean the carpet. When the kitties get stressed out, they poop. I'm still cleaning up the mess.)
Since getting off the bus, I've ran into Ben, Tiffany, Patrick, William, Colton, Will, and Divonne...
I haven't made plans with anyone, but people just seem to find me...So much for being antisocial, right?
I think that's how it's gonna be though.
I'm gonna try to find ways to be content alone, and if people want to find me, I won't stop them.
In other's raining.
Kinda fits my mood...

(I'm really not in the mood for blogging, but I figure I better write something. Tomorrow I have a secret to share!)

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