Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm not as dumb as you think I am -- explaining the money matters...

Normally, I don't have problems with running out before all the bills are paid.
When my electricity got shut off both times, it was because I couldn't find a ride to city hall to pay my bill.
but this month has held its own challenges.
Before you go about wondering about the mall-shopping I did at the beginning of the month...I got money for Christmas, from my dad, my grandparents, and one of my aunts. I spent very little of my own money at the mall.
I missed the advance payment deadline for ordering bus tickets back home. I didn't know my aunt expected me to use my own money to do so. After making a compromise over the phone, she ended up giving me $150 to order tickets in person, but they ended up costing $192. That $42 could have paid my electric bill.'s gone.
My uncle gave me $300 in a Christmas card that was supposed to pay for my convention tickets, and the leftover $100 or so would be back-up for any unexpected costs, but that's gone too, because of something really odd that happened. Here's the story:
My grandparents promised to buy me a new laptop, after they heard that my other one died. My aunt was supposed to come up to Fargo to pay for it (and my grandma would write her a check for the amount later). On the day before she was supposed to come see me, one of my aunt's distant relatives died. She called me to say she couldn't come up to help me buy the laptop because she had to plan funeral arrangements or something. Instead of sending my cousin or any other relative to come get me, or sending me a moneygram, she just said I didn't need a new laptop, and I could just "get by" with the one I had.
[That was NOT her gift to take away...]
Apparently the repairman said all my old one needed was a fan. I've tried fans...multiple times. They don't work. My old laptop still overheated after about 15-20 minutes of being on. I knew I needed a stable laptop that would work. Not only so I could keep in touch with friends and keep my blog going.
I knew I had to register for classes (which is an ONLINE process!) and take notes once those classes started, write papers, research for those papers, etc. The library computers aren't accessible all the time! I have homework to do this weekend, and since it's a "holiday," the library is closed. I anticipated that.
So on last Saturday, my last day in North Dakota, Trista and her boyfriend drove me to Walmart to pick up my new laptop. My aunt still doesn't know.
A friend of hers called me while I was on the bus and told me, "Don't call over there. She's too stressed out about you asking her for money and help all the time." ...I haven't heard from her since. Tuition is due on Wednesday, and she's not even answering her e-mails. I sense a huge bomb about to explode...
I can't help but wonder if I hadn't signed over any of the estate money, if I'd be better off right now.
I don't know who to talk to? None of my other familly members have called me either... :\


  1. i am sorry to hear about all the things that happend to you over christmas break here in mn and once you got back home .
    I sure hope that thing are getting better for you now anna.
    good luck in school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Welcome to the real world JACKASS!!!!!!!