Friday, November 25, 2011

All the Christmas shopping I didn't get to do...(wish list)

What?! It's Black Friday and I didn't go out shopping? This is a shock to my system. I feel like there is something missing from my day. Ah well, Cookeville doesn't have a mall worth visiting anyway. And who would drive me, even if I did have money left over? There is NO ONE here. It's 65 and sunny, absolutely perfect weather, and there is no one around to go walking with me. What a waste. So instead of enjoying myself, I'll sit here and think about all the Christmas shopping I would be doing if I wasn't broke and lonely. XD
There are 8 shiny, wrapped presents stacked in the corner of my bedroom right now. (There was supposed to be 10, but one friend said she's moving at the end of the semester & I don't know if I'd find her in time, and the other person skipped town without a warning. Thankfully I hadn't bought his gift yet.) My friend-shopping is basically done. I'd like to pick something up for Casey, because he's nice enough to invite me to the movies today (and pay for it?!) But guys are SO hard to shop for!
I wonder if anyone is out shopping for me today. I doubt it, considering how few birthday cards I got. I've come to realize that family stops caring about birthdays after high school graduation. (Except if someone dies.) That sucks! College kids are way more needy than high-schoolers. XD But just in case I get lucky, this is what I've been hoping for this holiday season:

(Everyone I know asks for electronics. Psh. I have what I need -- except getting my stolen Mac back would be awesome! But my MP3 player, phone, and camera all work just fine.)
- Furniture (Goodwill/Big Lots gift card?). After spending most of my break cleaning, I have realized just how empty my apartment is. I have no storage, and I think that's where the mess comes from. I suck at organizing.
- Warm, fluffy blankets. Until I get a roommate, I can't afford heat. So having something to keep me from freezing at night would be nice.
- Winter clothes. When I moved down here, all I brought were T-shirts and a few hoodies. I'm constantly cold. >_< Anddd I'm gonna start shopping for Nashville stuff during after-Christmas sales. Last year I didn't shop sales. This year, I have to.
- Craft supplies. Anything I could use to make money. I have to pay for half of an Opryland hotel room in April. This will suck.
- Candles & other stuff that smells good. Cats smell icky. Enough said.
- Grocery store gift cards. For those months when I spend a little too much and need to get by for another week before money day...

Simple enough. And just like birthdays, I love cards. :)
(PO Box 13651 - Cookeville, TN 38505)

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