Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A movie + the fandom that sucked me in...

As everyone knows...BD1 just hit theaters last week. Was I there at the midnight release? Of course! I stayed awake through this one, unlike HP7. (Not that HP7 was bad, it was a great movie, but I was exhausted from the panic attack I had in the car on the way there...I fell asleep for the first half hour...)
I wasn't disappointed! BD1 had all the key scenes that I remember from the book, and I was happy to see some of the secondary characters have a bigger role. (I can't stand either Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart...OR the characters they play. I am definitely "Team Everyone Else") The birth scene was terrifying, but I knew it would be. Waiting a year for part 2 is going to be a slow process...
I was so happy that the release party happened inside. I remember sitting on the sidewalk when Eclipse came out, and some random car drove by and threw a full cup of pop at us. Really, was there any excuse for that?
People can be so mean...I don't give two...poops...about Glee, for example, but if I see someone gushing on Facebook about a new season, I'm not going to tell them to "get a life" or worse yet, harass them. Obviously, they see something in Glee/Jersey Shore/Teen Mom/Some Random Video Game that I don't. Whatever makes them happy...
See, I'm a sane fan. Yes, I go to conventions as often as money allows, but it's not to rave about shirtless guys. I go to travel, dress up, dance, embarrass myself at karaoke, meet new girls from all over the country, and talk to celebrities. Like I'd get a chance to do that anywhere else? I only went to the last two because I wanted to meet Nikki Reed and Jodelle Ferland, who I already liked from -other-  movies. And they were both wonderfully nice people, by the way. :)
And yes, I own all the movie books (Catherine Hardwicke's "director's notebook" is actually what got me into the series...), but that's because I was a film studies major, and I love learning about how ANY movies are made. If I saw more behind-the-scenes books sold at Walmart/BAM/Amazon, I'd probably buy those too.
I'd like to think I'm a voice of reason in a fandom whose haters are equally intense as the fans (if not more so). This is my plea: 
You may think this is the most terrible series ever, but like it or not, it has gotten some people through hard times. Think of your own favorite escape. (Harry Potter? Pirates of the Carribean? SKYRIM? lol) There is someone who hates that too.
Live and let live.
No fandom is better or worse than another.
It is all a matter of opinion. :)

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