Saturday, November 12, 2011

Even now, not all guys suck.

I've noticed something.
When one friend (or two?) leaves my life, no matter what the reason may be, someone is always there to take their place.
Note: Once upon a time, there was a guy (who will remain unnamed) who said that he was interested in me. We had roughly two weeks of awesome days, and then fall break came. When school resumed, he had suddenly become quiet and distant. My theory was that he met a girl (or an old ex?) back home and felt confused. Turns out, he had really been falling for one of my friends that I had introduced him to. They are now happily dating, less than a week after he told me, "I don't have time for girls." Lies, lies, lies. I've heard that excuse before, but I thought we were out of high school? Guys, seriously. Be honest. Save a girl's sanity.
Way back, a few days after school started, Kyle and his roommate (grr) & their friends told me, "No matter who you meet at Tech, never get involved with a Baptist guy. It will not end well." I should have listened to them, but I didn't. Still, when I ran to them with the sad news, they didn't shove it back in my face, taunting, "I told you so!" They welcomed me back into their social circle with open arms.
I flat-out ignored their advice but they've still stuck around to pick up the pieces.
I'm thinking I have been a bad friend. I neglected them because I was trying SO hard to make "good churchy people" like messed-up little me.
This group of guys (& a few girls) who are hereby known as the Summer Group...they've been here since the beginning (2 weeks post-move in), when James (roomie to K) found me on the internet and brought me over to his house for the first time.
All summer, that house was my safe place. Also where I did laundry, used the internet, cooked my microwaveable food, watched TV, stayed when my electricity got cut off, and slept when my air conditioner was broken. When the dorms re-opened on that last Thursday in August, the group expanded and I met more people who have stayed in the background of my life...until now. After K left, his friends have made sure I'm hardly ever lonely.
I'm afraid to admit that since I no longer have FailGuy #5 to try to impress, I've begun to attach myself to a member of the SG (Who will also stay un-named. No one will figure it out.) He's been there since the day the dorms first opened, but we've never had a real conversation before Monday. Turns out he's actually really friendly & sweet & pays lots of attention to me. :)
As I said, someone always takes the place of a lost person.
And this time around, I have learned some valuable information.
1. None of my single girl friends will ever meet this person through me. I'm no longer willing to sabotage my chances, especially by accident! >_<
2. No matter what happens, I will not neglect my other friends in order to keep one person's attention. I need to make time for the people who have made time for me.
3. I will not reveal any secrets to him without his prompting. Setting myself up for failure? No more!

Maybe it's true that every heartbreak teaches a lesson. If so, I must have learned a lot by now.
If you would like to beat some sense into me, go ahead and try. :)

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