Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Happy November Post - 30 things

This is the Thanksgiving month.
Though I am not thankful for Thanksgiving itself (nothing will ever beat sushi on Thursday night and Black Friday shopping at West Acres the day after...), my life still has some awesome things in it.
1 for every day of the month.
I left out some obvious stuff, because it's the little things that matter, right?
(not in any order & this is NOT a complete list...)

1.  Callie & Moo (aren't they the cutest?)
2.  Both of my church groups & everyone in them.
3.  Easy classes to boost my GPA.
4.  The 3rd of every month (money day).
5.  Ben's laptop. (I'd be lost without it!)
6.  My bike.
7.  Pictures that turn out.
8.  Text messages. (Night texts are my favorites. Good morning texts are nice too!)
9.  Sleeping in on Saturday mornings.
10. Trees that change color in Tennessee.
11.  Christmas season. (I love, love, love shopping for presents/cards/wrapping paper...and yes, I also love wrapping presents!)
12.  Relaxation drinks. (I am gonna stock up. Long Greyhound ride is coming.)
13.  Skype.
14.  Kyle's friends. (Who keep me so busy, I don't have time to be lonely!)
15.  Tech football games. (Free snacks and last time I met a really cool new friend there.)
16.  Weekly phone calls from home.
17.  Random e-mails that aren't spam.
18.  My classmates that sit by me & are actually friendly!
19.  Rides home on cold nights.
20. Thursdays AKA Cheap Food Day.
21.  Netflix (which is cheaper than cable!)
22.  Sleeping pills.
23.  The really awesome, fast Macs in the library.
24.  CVS shampoo (Smells amazing. I don't like to get it anywhere else.)
25.  Passing notes in Geology.
26.  Never having to eat lunch alone.
27.  Rhapsody. (Music saves my life.)
28.  Mail. (Bills don't count.)
29.  Shopping trips. (Even though I go on more than I probably should.)
30.  This blog. (Unlike people, it will never judge me for complaining!)

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