Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another "Thankful" Post

It's easy to feel lonely when I'm not going home and everyone else is.
But I have to remind myself I'll only be lonely for 5 days. I lived a year without a social life, this should be a piece of cake!
...At Karen's house last Thanksgiving, all of us had to squish in her living room and say what and who we were thankful for. I think that was a good tradition. At the beginning of the month, I made my "what" post. So this is "who."

I'm thankful for...
- Karen & Kristi & James & all the other kids for opening their house to me for Christmas and New Year's. No one should have to spend that holiday alone. :) They have no obligation to do anything for me, but they do anyway, because they know it would make me happy.
- Marilou (my aunt) for helping me out so much with the bus trip. (as well as paying tuition, finding my stolen laptop, and many other things I can't do by myself) I hardly knew her before my mom passed, but after a couple bumps in the road, we're getting along great.
- Kelly (mom's old roommate) for letting me see Jack when I come home. He's the only cat left from my "old life." Once I get there, maybe we'll go out and eat trashy bar food.
- My grandparents, who, besides my dad, were the only family members to send me a birthday card. It's good to know someone was thinking of me. I've never been able to have a real, deep conversation with them (without a translator), but I know they love me.
- Brianna and Laurie, who offered their house (and food!) to me for Thanksgiving. I can't stay there overnight because I'm planning on going Black Friday (window)shopping, but I appreciate the invitation.
- Casey, one of the very, very few college students who lives close enough to Cookeville to come see me over the break. He is taking to the movies on Friday, and it will be awesome.
- Josh, who drove me to pick up my laundry yesterday so I can have clean clothes over the weekend.
- Kyle, who listened to me vent last night about how much I (still) can't stand his roommate.
- ANF/Guy X (Argh, anonymous nicknames are too much effort), who came out of his awkward-shell last night to hang out with me at English Hour, because "Fail Guy #5's" new GF was there, and I really didn't want to sit there alone and make small talk...and he enjoyed himself! Here's hoping we can go again?
- Kelly, who said she'd invite me to her house to watch movies over the weekend. I would enjoy some girl time. :)
- Divonne, who JUST invited me to his house for the Thanksgiving meal. We don't know each other very well, but for him to open his house to me is just amazing. (!!)

and of course there are more, but this was a Thanksgiving post, and the people on my mind are the people I talked to yesterday and today...before the (gulp) 5 day break starts...
I hope this weekend goes by fast, because Christmas is the holiday that comes next! And I love Christmas a lot more, because I get to leave town just like everyone else! I'll feel so normal!
...and of course, there are lots of presents to wrap/deliver.
Ben posted a pic on his facebook of a gift that looks somewhat similar to what I got him...
I think I might have bought good things this year.
We shall find out.

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