Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I think we proved them wrong.

My last post has been up for slightly over 24 hours, and it's already my third most-read entry in blog history.
I don't know who all of my readers are. Some might be here just to follow the chaos, but I know for sure that Ms. Anon was very wrong about one thing. I do have true friends. (And bad friends too, but who doesn't?) I never told Brianna or Shawn to stick up for me. I didn't even tell them to read my blog. They did all that on their own.
Also...in response to Blog-God's (and YSE's) prompting, I went to a girls' Bible study last night in an attempt to make more female friends. I talked to Kelly for awhile, but other than that there wasn't time to make conversation with other girls. Now I'm sure YSE goes to the BCM! She was probably even in that circle of girls last night! The topic of the Bible study was oddly similar to some of the advice that was in my letter.
High point: I liked hearing that the older BCM girls have dealt with some of the same problems I have. When I saw them at church events, I used to be jealous because I thought their "dark secrets" were so much more trivial than mine. I thought their biggest regrets would be getting in an argument with their parents or sneaking a wine cooler or something. I feel significantly less "screwed up" after hearing that even "good church girls" have been in toxic relationships and dealt with family drama.
Low point: One of the girls mentioned not having heart-to-heart conversations with guys...not telling them emotional events in your life because it builds an attachment. (Don't all friendships? Even female ones?) I'm sure I raised an eyebrow then. Maybe I'm just looking at it with the heart of a "foreigner." Two of my closest friends are guys. Imagining not being able to tell them half the things I do now? I feel like our friendships would be very stunted. It's a natural progression, to reveal more of yourself to a person as you get to know them better. (However, I do agree that it's good to watch physical boundaries. Some guys ARE only out for one thing. Internet guys outside of Justin and Shawn, I'm looking at YOU!)

Anyway...instead of letting tiny disagreements get to me, I managed to enjoy the girls' night. I will probably go to more of them. (Since there are no awkward guy encounters...) I don't have to agree with everything I learn in order to benefit from it. So this goes out to you, YSE. I do take your advice to heart. Whether I act on all of it or not is up to me, but I do give it all some thought. I'm awkward and tend to stick to the familiar, but I have been branching out! And because of that, I have found wonderful friends in the oddest of places. I partially have you to thank for that! :)

P.S. - I'm also taking YSE's advice and using it to help other people. "Guy X" is shy and awkward himself, just like me, but with my encouragment (and a bit of prodding!) he's expanding his circle of friends too. (Though I do try to save a bit of time for us to hang out alone. XD) & I've never seen him so happy! :)
In the words of Ben...(one of my *gasp*oh no!closeguyfriends!*), "Spread the awesomeness."

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