Saturday, November 26, 2011

one day to go...

It's not fun living without my distractions.
Today I haven't said a single word to another person. (outside of text messages and skype.)
It is way, way too easy to sink into self-pity on long weekends.
"Why can't I be in a warm, pretty place with internet and food and cable TV?"
"Why can't I be surrounded by friends and family who care about me?"
"Why couldn't I be happy closer to home?"
Why me, why me, why me...
I think we have to go without things sometimes to realize how good they really are.
Tomorrow, everyone comes back.
I don't think it'll be quite as bad as fall break.
I mean, if Guy X gets all distant and ends up falling for the only single girl friend I have left...
Well, that could be worse.
But I think what will happen is, I'll see all my lucky friends come in one by one.
I will tackle them all.
And it will be awesome.

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