Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a sequence of events.

If I hadn't been a miserable loser in high school,
I wouldn't have been so desperate to leave home.
I would have applied to a local school,
instead of a private religious college in a different time zone.
Too bad my "friends" there failed me.
Both the "oddballs" and some of the BCM regulars.
If only I would have been happy in Williamsburg...
I would not have returned home.
I would have missed the convention in Minneapolis.
I wouldn't have become twitter-friends with Candace.
She wouldn't have told me she was gonna sing in Nashville.
I wouldn't have bought spring break tickets to Nashville with my aid overage.
I wouldn't have gone on Facebook looking for a convention friend after C. cancelled.
Brianna and I wouldn't have started e-mailing.
We wouldn't have met a few months later at Opryland.
I never would have fallen in love with Nashville.
I wouldn't have ever heard about Tennessee Tech.
I would have stayed at home,
never again returning to the BCM.
I wouldn't have met Daniel & Larry,
and Ben who took me to English hour...
Where I met Margaret, who has so much energy.
And the five of us wouldn't have had an amazing time at the Halloween party last night.
Crazy how things work.

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